Court Order

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High Court order regarding 57B and 61 of the WBLR Act
Order regarding post vesting transfer and post vesting retention
Order clarifying negative equality
144 high court order
State Of Kerala And Anr vs The Gwalior Rayon Silk on 18 September 1973
High court order regarding Homestead Act, 1975
Immunity to the officers of the rank of RO
SROll while discharging their quasi judicial duties
Rajendra Nath Khanra COLRT 9 of 2015
The State of West Bengal vs Suburban agriculture Diary & Fisheries pvt Ltd on vesting of tank fisheries
Grounds for taking Disciplinary action against govt employees
Related to Suspension period when the Govt Employees is in custody
SOP for Appearance of Government official in official capacity in courts
Summoning Govt Officials
Jurisdiction of court in the matter of vesting
Legal action as per 4D of WBLR act, 1955 for violation of section 4C