Materials From Biswanath Chakraborty

Rules Downloads
Civil Court Matters
CO No 2520 of 2012 Regarding In-executable decree
Presentation on Instruments
WPLRT 114 of 2015 Post vesting transferee
Minor's property sale
Madan Mohan Bhakat Reg Notice service
RTI vs Power-of-Attorney
SAT_195_2016_22082016 (Regarding Debottar Property)
34180_2017_41_1501_29828_Judgement_06-Sep-2021 (Regarding Debottar Property)
WPLRT 141_2010 (Regarding Debottar Property)
Alienation of Private Debottar Land (Regarding Debottar Property)
Debottar Judgement (Regarding Debottar Property)
High Court hearing a case of subordinate court matter
CA No. 2360 of 2016 Female Hindu Succession (Regarding Hindu Female Succession)
Danama vs Amar_Judgement_01-Feb-2018 (Regarding Hindu Female Succession)
Prakash vs Phulavati (Regarding Hindu Female Succession)
Civil Appeal No.4671 of 2004
Muslim Succession
Chart of Heirs in Muslim Succession