Management of vested land

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latest order 2021
FHDT transfer before 10 yeras
RoR of FHTD Lands
Recording of khasmahal land of 5 mouzas in paschim medinipur
NBNG Municipality
Patta Form
NGNB -Homestead Circular
Salami & Rent 2006
Lease reg 2012
Correction of Records in case of land transferred through LTS or IDT
Rule 6 amended
Recording in ROR for Lessee or Assignee
6(3) Amendment 10.01.2020
3806 dt 26.11.2018
1899-F (1) (1)
Lease hold land
Determination of Fine
Lease deed format
Modalities for market value assessment
SOP For Freehold
Rate Notification
1757-LP lease deed
Leasehold to Freehold_Notification_17_01_2023_Final_0001
MM Notification
Opening of Lease Khatian of Land Retained us 6(3) of the WBEA Act 1953
Recording of name of legal heir in lease khatian
Converion of Lease Land
Valuation report for IDT_2014
No fees for Govt Deptt
IDT Guidlines
Admin & Fin approval for IDT
Land Allotment Policy 2019
Land Allotment Policy - 2017 AMENDMENT
IDT different Orders
917 of ITD HHAD
Amendment of Land Allotment Policy
Guidelines related to the inter departmental transfer proposal
Schemes for settlement of immigrants notice
Schemes for settlement of immigrants
WBLR Amendment Rule
Amendment of rule 215, 216 ,218 of WBLR Manual,1991
631-LP Amendment of WBLR Rules proposal