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455-ICE-OMIN-GEN-MIS-76-2017 Dt- 12-11-21 Amendment of W BMM11182021151932
Circular No.4403-LR Dated 28122005
Notification undor section 10(46) of thc Income Tax Act, 196l in rcspect of District Mineral Foundation Trust (DMFT)
Gazette Notification regarding Rates of Royalty
Letter to Shri Manas Bhattacharya, TD, NC regarding mutation of private Debottar land
Draft amendment of rule 21(1A) of WBLR Rules, 1965
Release Notes-e-Bhuchitra_11052022
Notification New Sand Mining Rules 2021_Department of Industry- Commerce and Enterprises Mines Branch
Online system of land revenue collection
No. 2242-LP/5M-53/21
Rendering land reform services through BSK
Buffer order
GRIPS Heads of Account
No 206
Amendment of Land Allotment Policy
Mutation Case Priority
Flat mutation
Guideline in the matter of mutation and conversion in case of land earmarked for GAIL project
No. 1216-LP/5M-25/23
Empowering R. O for realising penalties in cse of violation of MM rules.
Post facto conversion of land
DDO power
Anumati Dang
Immediate restoration of bargadar
SOP of regularization of post facto conversion to water body
post facto conversion of land other than water body
SOP for disposal of complaints received through Sarasari Mukkhamantri