Subject Downloads
Mutation application in English
Mutation application in Bengali
Specification of KMDA area notification
Mutation related order of 2009
Flat mutation circular 2022
Flat Mutation Circular
Mutation & Conv Industrial
muation & conversion of acquired land
mutation & conversion of acquired land in LA ACT I of 1894 in 2010
Mutaion of Aquired land
Display of salient points or criteria regarding disposal of Mutation and Conversion
032_3932-LP_Time Limit For Inustrial Mutation and Conversion
Correction of Records on the basis of Mutation Certificate in Form A
Criteria/points for disposal of mutation and conversion cases
Muation & Conversion from kh_1
033_Rate of Processing Fee for mutation of land
035_Realization of process fees for mutation of land by Sub Registry office
048_Mutation & Conversion of land used for the purpose ofÁctivities allied to Agriculture
Waving of Processing Fees for Agricultural Purpose
Warish fee waive
Waiver of Warishon Fees
Revised format for waiving mutation processing fee
Verification of registered deed at the time of mutation
Mutation where 51A(4) is pending
Competent authority for issuing certificate regarding legal heirs of deceased raiyat
Warish enquiry
Notary power instruction
213-1S Fake deed
Restrictions on alienation of land held by raiyat belonging to ST
Buffer Removal
auto mutation gazette
Time bound disposal of Industrial and non industrial
Mutation of Debottar property
circulation of order regarding procedure of giving legal heir certificate
Continuous updation of ROR
Implementation of chapter IIA of WBLR Act, 1955,in respect of alienation of land held by raiyats belonging to ST
Circular regarding mutation of land on the basis of power-of-attorney