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Hon'ble C.M. _08.11.2021
Land & Land Reforms and R.R. & R Department_No. 3632-LP
Forwarding LRC _10.05.2022
Forwarding LRC _17.06.2022 (1)
CRR 1488 of 2020_pdf
CRR 1487 of 2020_pdf (1)
RO Mutation
Memorandum over the incident occurred on 05.08.2022 at the office of the BL&LRO, Bolpur
Finalization of modalities of WBLR Service
Forwarding ALLO _22.03.2023 (1)
receipt deputation 24.03.2023
Forwarding ALLO _28.03.2023
Forwarding LRC _28.03.2023
Forwarding Sangrami Joutha Mancha
Forwarding LRC _05.04.2023
Forwarding Chaiman PSC _31.07.2023
Judicial 1
Pending absorption of SRO ll and promotion of officers