Conversion Related Matters Downloads
Rule 5A and 5AA
Conversion rule amendment_2009
Conversion Rule Amendment 2011
Conversion Form-1D
Conversion 1A
Conversion 1A process fees
Conversion 1A process fees
Conv Post facto
Conversion of PUKUR PAR
Muation & Conversion from kh_1
Conversion in Contiguous Plots of a Project
clarification of the power of DLLRO to act as the appellte authority
Circular on conversion--2016
land Class
Post facto conv regu fee chart_1D
Bagan to Bastu
Conv Earth Price
Clarification of post facto conversion regarding 1C 2023
bata Plot
Circular on guideline of post facto conversion_1D
Processing Fees for conversion of waterbodies
Display of salient points or criteria regarding disposal of Mutation and Conversion
Ethanol Production Promotion Policy-Mute & Conv
Post facto conversion to Waterbody
Post facto conversion of land other than waterbody---2023
Rate of Post facto convesion on land by tea plantation on raiyati lands
Post facto date extension
No fee for Mutation & Conversion of Acquired land
processing for conversion of land recorded with mill, factory, workshops, karkhana--2022
016_Affidavit for Conversion
51-LP Memorandum
Guidelines for Processing Application for Post Facto Conversion_2222 LP_2018 (2)
District level screening Committeefor regularization of post facto conversion for minor mining purpose
Conversion Rule Amendment 2011
LP-Conversion for leasehold land
027_Guideline for conversion of unsurveyed forest village into revenue village
1191-LP-WBLR 3rd Amd Act 2017
SOP for Regularization of post facto conversion to water body
Implemention of proviso of sec. 20B
Order icw 20(B)5 prov & 14Y
untracable Barga
Exclusive receiving of industrial conversion cases only through Silpa Sathi portal
Revised Check List for Forwarding of 1 D Cases
Post facto conversion of water bodies 2024