Service Related

Service Related Matters Downloads
Order of RO-Thika Tenancy
SRO II posting at Development Authorities
Posting order of 2 SRO II
Posting order of 1 SRO I Anupam Mitra
Order of SRO-II_ for WBPDCL
Promotion order of Abhijit Mandal_0001
Creation of Sub Surveyor post
SRO-II Transfer order date 3.12.21
SRO I Transfer Order_03-01-2021
Revenue Officer's Transfer List
Order of Sudipta Dutta SRO II as GR at LRTT
Promotion order from RI to RO (18)_9.3.22
Promotion order from RI to RO (152)_28.2.22
SRO I (57) _Resuffle order _07-03-2022
SRO I_ new (15)_Posting order_07-03-2022
SRO II_Corrigendum of name of order No.708 - Apptt._23.03.22
SRO II_ Posting as Astt. LAO_No.708 - Apptt._23.03.22
Transfer order of RO (Direct)_28-04-2022
Transfer order of RO (Promotee)_28-04-2022
RO posting order at Khasmahal & Waqf Board_19-04-2022
RO transfer order_19-04-2022
RI to RO promotion
Leave of SRO-II
Introduction of new format for furnishing details of service regarding counting of past services
No. 167-Budget (General) LR22018-Budget Sec-LR
Intra District Posting of SRO-II and RO
Published WBLRS Service Rules
Published WBLRS Recruitment Rules
RO transfer order dated 21032023
SROII transfer order
SROII transfer order
No.227- Apptt._19.01.2023
Transfer order RO 2092022
WBLRS Absorption _ erstwhile SRO-I
Confirmation order, 24.07.2023
Confirmation order, of 960 Revenue officers
Clarification order on confirmation
Clarification on fixation of WBLRS-1
GPF related missing credit adjustment
RI office Inspection
NEW PROFORMA for inspection
SAR Reporting
Prayer for confirmation of service
Aquisition of property
Reporting officer of Assets
Blank Format of Asset Declaration
Permission for purchasing flat blank format
WBLRS Absorption of SRO-II
WBLRS absorption of SRO-Il, dated 29112023
Absorption in WBLRS dated 20/12/2023
ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL OF WBLRS which application to where
promotion order to joint director and deputy director
No.186 - Estt_16.01.24
Notification regarding Service Record of officers belonging to WBLRS
promotion order of SRO-II to Assistant Director
Ceilling of GPF subscription